Is your Little One Ready for their First Dental Visit?

by | May 29, 2014 | Dentist

SmileMakeoversNewYork.comWhen your child is still a baby it might seem too early to seek the New York Children Dentistry appointments families require. However it might surprise you to know that your child’s first dental appointment should be scheduled as soon as their first baby teeth are cut. You can keep an eye on your baby’s progress and be ready to see their teeth appear between the ages of six to nine months. Unfortunately with teething comes pain and with pain comes plenty of crying so you will definitely know when your baby is beginning to cut their first teeth.

Baby’s First Appointment

Once your baby’s first teeth have appeared you can schedule an appointment with a New York Children dentistry office. At your first appointment there are a number of things that might take place. Many dentists will give your little one a “chair ride” letting them sit in the dental chair and see how it goes up and down. This will help accustom your baby to the equipment at the dental office which will make it less daunting as they get older. They will do an assessment of your baby’s teeth and see what other teeth might be making an appearance next. They will also make sure that everything seems to be in order. This is an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about your child’s dental health and understand the best possible care they will require for excellent dental hygiene.

Dental Care

It is never too early to get your child started off on a lifetime of healthy dental care. You can begin taking care of your baby’s teeth as soon as you see them appear using a clean piece of gauze or wash cloth. Simply wipe their little teeth down each day in the morning and before they go to bed. You can then purchase an infant tooth brush once their mouth is big enough and you can have them chew on it and then you can brush their teeth. Your dentist can show you the best way to brush their teeth at their first appointment.

When your baby is ready for their first dental appointment you can call your New York children dentistry office and schedule a time that is convenient. You will then be on the right track to offer you child excellent dental hygiene habits they will use for life.

When you are in need of New York children dentistry visit us and book an appointment with a family friendly dentist today.

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