Buy and Service Your ATV in Lumberton

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Premium ATV models are readily available in Lumberton. There is no need for area residents to travel out of town to find a variety of ATV sizes and price points. Dealers like Beaumont Tractor Company, Inc. ( carry everything from youth sized machines to rugged models that meet the needs of ranchers and sports enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts shopping for an ATV in Lumberton can take advantage of knowledgeable salespeople to help them select the perfect ATV model to fit their needs and budgets. Can-Am models, for example, run the gamut from DS 70s to Outlander 800Rs. Each model is equipped to handle the specific requirements of riders. Accessories further enhance the versatility of each model, as the machines are tailored to meet the needs of hunters, ranchers or riders just looking for an enjoyable trail ride.

Obtaining service or repairs for an ATV in Lumberton is also easy. Although the Can-Am line, for instance, is designed to be relatively low maintenance, routine service is always recommended to ensure the machines will last for many years. Parts and service are readily available to keep your ATV in top condition.

Area ATV dealers also carry other high demand equipment. Kubota tractors, a variety of lawn machines, track loaders and other equipment are all available from dealers in the the Lumberton area. Of course parts and service are also provided for equipment, with experienced technicians available to make sure repairs are completed properly.

Equipment is also available to rent. Often a machine is needed only once in a while, making ownership too expensive. Renting loaders or other equipment is often much more practical than ownership, and area companies are proud of the quality of their rental equipment and their ability to meet client needs.

An interesting piece of equipment, the Hydratrek, is now available in Lumberton. The vehicle has a high payload capacity and can traverse both land and water, making it a great option for many area landowners who need a truly versatile rig for recreation and work.

Whether looking for an ATV, tractor or other equipment, Lumberton area equipment dealers can meet the need. For short term use, don’t forget about the rental options available.