Buying Salt Lamps For Sale Can Reduce Pollutants In Your Home

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Shopping

There are many things in the air both inside and outside of our homes that can cause us problems. This causes many people to suffer respiratory ailments because of some of the irritants that are in the very air we breathe. The question we need to ask is what can we do about this, discounting the wearing of some kind of gas mask, that is. One partial solution that is available is using a Himalayan crystal salt lamp. This may explain why we are seeing more of these salt lamps for sale in stores.

If you haven’t heard of salt lamps, lets take a look at how they can benefit your health while looking very decorative in your home at the same time. The salt lamps for sale in your local store are made from Halite. This is a salt that is believed to be in one of its most perfect forms. This salt crystal is mined in the low foothills of the Himalayan mountains. What makes this salt special is that it contains 84 minerals and trace elements while being free of other pollutants.

These salt lamps are heated by a small 15 watt light and the produced heat forms a vapor of water that causes negative ions to be released from the salt. These negative ions neutralize the positive ions in the air and stop them from attracting pollutants. The same principal is used in ionized air filter machines, but salt lamps do it in a more natural way and the lamps look attractive while providing this healthy solution.

Many people suffer from allergies of things floating around in the air. The air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside because the electronic devices we use in our homes produce the positive ions that attract these pollutants every time we open our doors or windows. If using negative ion air filters are a first line of defense, then salt lamps are surely the second line of defense. By neutralizing the positive ions in our homes, fewer pollutants are brought inside for us to breathe.
Everyone can benefit from having salt lamps in their home, so if you see some salt lamps for sale, it would be a great idea to pick a couple up to help clear the air in your home.

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