Call a Bail Bond Agent in Norwalk, CT to Get Out of Jail Quickly

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Being put in handcuffs and arrested is a scary and embarrassing episode for people. Ending up in a holding cell or spending time in a county jail waiting for a trial is very unpleasant. The fastest way for a defendant to get out of jail quickly is to call a Bail Bond Agent Norwalk. The Aces Bail Bonds Inc company has bail bond agents available all of the time every day. While is advantageous to be near the jail or court house, Hawaii’s unique geography presents a special challenge. This company can easily facilitate a bond on any of the islands in Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii requires that a defendant work with a Bail Bond Agent Norwalk to post bail. The company will post the required surety to ensure that the defendant will appear for their court dates. In return the defendant pays a percentage of the bail bond as a fee. That is how the bail bond company makes money. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond company has to forfeit any bond that was posted. However, the court generally issues a bench warrant for the defendant that didn’t attend the require court hearing or trial. This gives the Bail Bond Agent Norwalk time to find them, before they have to forfeit the surety.

It is common for a bail bond company to stay in close contact with their client. In addition to putting up a bail bond, the defendant also has to agree to certain conditions that the judge attaches to the bail. Often the defendant is told to stay away from the victim. He may also be told not to contact the victim via social media or to post about it. The Bail Bond Agents Norwalk CT will review the bail conditions with the defendant to make sure they understand them.

They will also contact the defendant before the court date to remind them of it. They may even ask how they intend to get to the courthouse. If they can’t find the defendant before the court date, they will begin looking for them immediately. Defendants are required to provide bail bond agents with the addresses of family and friends so they can be located quickly.