Can a Chicago Disability Attorney Help Me on the Day of My Hearing?

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Lawyer

The short answer to this question is “yes.” However, here are a few things that you should have in mind prior to the day of your hearing. Understand that a chicago disability attorney can give you tips and better advice, should you choose to consult with them or retain their services.

Tip 1 – A Note on Arrival Time

It is essential that you arrive for your Social Security hearing at least a half an hour early. If you have consulted with your attorney and he or she has told you to arrive at another time, then do as he or she has advised you to do. However, if you have not had such an interaction with your attorney then you should plan on arriving 30 minutes ahead of time for your hearing. By the time your hearing is scheduled, your Chicago Disability Attorney has already reviewed your entire file, and will need some time to discuss your case before the hearing. Social Security disability hearings usually start on time, so whatever you do, don’t be late.

Tip 2 – Appearance

As with anything else, appearance is important, however at a hearing it is not mandatory that you dress up with formal attire. Business casual attire is a good gauge of the style of clothes to wear. Use proper judgment when selecting an outfit. Although the hearing is informal, and it is not necessary to wear a suit, it may prove beneficial to show that you took the time out to consciously put a suitable outfit together.

Tip 3 – Discussing the Case

It is important to take a Social Security Disability hearing seriously. This is a time when your legal team has to convince the judge why your case should be approved and disability benefits granted. Make sure that you answer all of your attorney’s questions and the judges questions clearly and honestly. If you have any major concerns, make sure you discuss them with your attorney prior to the hearing.

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