Can Dental Implants in Louisville Improve Your Smile?

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Those who are missing teeth often find they are not happy with the appearance of their smile. Though missing teeth might not show when they are in the back, teeth missing in the front can be obvious and cause self-esteem issues. Not only does this issue present cosmetic problems, it can also cause issues with your ability to eat, enjoy your food and even speak properly. When missing teeth are causing problems in your smile, there are Dental implants in Louisville to replace your missing teeth and improve your confidence in your smile.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Dental Implants?

For those contemplating getting dental implants, knowing more information on how the procedure is carried out can help in making a decision on whether or not implants are for you. The procedure for getting dental implants is not a complicated one but does take several weeks to complete. The first part of the procedure involves oral surgery, where the dentist implants surgical steel anchors into your jaw bone. These anchors later hold the artificial teeth, filling in the gaps of your smile.

Once this surgery is complete, the dentist will have you to recover for around three weeks. The healing process may be longer if you have more than one or two implants being placed. It is vital your gums are completely healed before the dentist places the artificial teeth on the anchors. After your recovery period the dentist will have you come in to be checked and then fitted for your new teeth.

When the new teeth are placed on each anchor, the dentist will check to make sure there is a tight fit and the tooth fits in well with your surrounding natural teeth. The dentist will also check for issues with your bite, to make sure it has not been compromised. With your new Dental implants in Louisville, you will feel confident in your smile and be abel to experience better functioning in your teeth.

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