Car Accident Attorneys in Middlebury, VT Are Anxious to Work for You

Auto injury attorneys exist for one reason; every time one of us gets behind the wheel of our vehicle, there is the possibility of becoming involved in an accident. We don’t like to think about it very much or we may give up driving altogether, but bad things can happen when we’re driving. One careless motorist who gets distracted by their cell phone, one driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or one poorly-marked stretch of road, and anyone can become an accident victim. If that should happen to you, take comfort that there are Car Accident Attorneys in Middlebury, VT who will do everything within their power to make certain that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Many Experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Middlebury, VT will offer you a no-charge initial consultation where they will listen to your account of the facts and make a determination as to whether you have a case. If he feels that there was negligence on the part of another individual he will explain to you what your options are regarding a lawsuit and will then begin building your case. Although it may be tempting during this time of extreme stress and uncertainty, do not accept any offers from an insurance company or their representatives. Any offers should be forwarded on to your attorney for his review. In order to relieve you of any additional anxiety about your finances, your attorney will work your case on a contingency basis, meaning that if he doesn’t get you a judgment or a settlement, you will pay him nothing.

Your attorney will actually be working to secure adequate compensation for you in two different ways; he will be leading a team of individuals with specific legal skills in order to construct a case to be heard in court, and he will be attempting to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with the insurance company. As long as the insurance company knows that your attorney is well-prepared to go to court, they will usually tend to negotiate your compensation in good faith.

The Law Offices of Mark Schneider will be your voice and will put all of the resources of their firm squarely behind you.

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