Carpet Cleaners – A Vital Aspect Of Any Commercial Janitorial Company

Carpeting is the popular floor covering choice for many places from schools and healthcare facilities to different kinds of office buildings. However, over time, a carpeting’s appearance can deteriorate unless you have professional carpet cleaners maintaining it.

Most professional office cleaning companies do only basic carpet cleaning such as vacuuming and light shampooing or steam cleaning which would require you to retain the services of a separate company for more thorough carpet cleaning. However, it is possible to retain the services a professional commercial janitorial company in Maryland for all your cleaning needs, even for more involved carpet cleaning projects.

Appearances Are Important

Carpeting dampens noise, cushions footsteps and maintains its appearance more easily than bare floors. However, over time, stains can pop up and the carpet itself loses its luster, that fresh appearance that lends itself to an overall attractive office appearance. Commercial carpeting requires a specific set of skills and cleaning products to revitalize its appearance so finding the right Maryland cleaning company is important.

Choose a cleaning company with Carpet Cleaners that are specifically trained and certified in the cleaning and revitalization of carpets in a commercial setting. Having certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute is a definite plus. A good office cleaning contractor will suggest methods of carpet cleaning based on your needs and the manufacturer’s suggestion of care including encapsulation, bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction.

Carpet Cleaners Can Also Clean Fabric & Upholstery

Some office settings have upholstered furniture or even fabric covered cubicle walls that can become dingy over time. Carpet cleaners can take care of these cleaning projects as well so your entire office will look refreshed and always ready for visitors. There are special cleaning solutions for even the toughest of stains and spots.

The good news is if you choose a commercial cleaning company with its own carpet cleaners, you can schedule carpet cleaning according to your schedule. Freshly cleaned carpets typically dry within hours, meaning if they were cleaned at night, you would return to clean, dry carpets on the next work day – with no loss of valuable productivity.


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