Cat-Proof Your Pet-Friendly Student Apartment With These Tips

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If you are a cat owner who is about to start college, it feels like a bonus to find pet-friendly apartments in Norman, OK. Of course, you want to create a safe environment for your precious cat. You can cat-proof your student apartment by keeping the following tips in mind.

Place Their Favorite Things in One Area

Designating an area for your cat is not as simple as investing in a pet gate because cats can jump and climb. However, you may be able to redirect them to a safe space by placing their favorite things in one area. Use this area for their cat bed, tower and toys. This way, your cat is encouraged to stay in this space.

Keep Hazardous Items Away From Them

When setting up your pet-friendly apartments in Norman, OK, it is important to keep hazardous items away from your cat. This includes sharp objects, choking hazards, cords, medications and cleaning supplies. It is best to lock these items in a closet, cabinet or storage bin, and you can invest in covers for cords and wires.

Do Not Bring Home Certain Plants

There are certain plants that can be fatal to your cat if ingested, so it is important to research before decorating with plants. Lilies, Amaryllis and tulips are just a few plants that are toxic to cats. Spider plants, rattlesnake plants and African violets are safer options for cats, but you can also opt for artificial plants to ensure your cat is always safe.

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