Certified Primary Education Institutions near Surprise, Arizona

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Mandatory Academic Studies

When searching for elementary schools near Surprise, AZ, you don’t necessarily have to settle for public institutions. Instead, you can send your child to a charter school that’s available for absolutely free thanks to voucher programs and other initiatives. There are plenty of advantages to enrolling your kid in such a tuition-free institution that specializes in primary education. Just like all public elementary schools near Surprise, AZ, charter schools closely follow the academic curriculum that’s created and enforced by the board of education on local and state levels. Therefore, your child will study the appropriate core courses for successful transitions into higher grade levels. English, mathematics, social science, and physical science classes are required for all students enrolled in primary-level schools throughout the state of Arizona. Standardized tests and other comprehensive exams might be administered throughout the year to measure the capabilities of the students.

Academic Curriculum in Elementary Schools

When your child enrolls in charter elementary schools near Surprise, AZ, he or she will follow a proper sequence of courses in all basic subjects. For example, each grade level requires a full year of studies in English language arts. Students will develop their writing, reading, and speaking skills in the main language that’s universally used in the United States of America. Similarly, elementary-level math classes cover a wide range of topics, such as arithmetic and algebra. Kids in charter schools will also be encouraged to participate in hands-on activities, such as science experiments and fun games with educational value.