Chemical Blending: Systems That Work

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Business

If you wish to succeed in food, beverage or pharmaceutical production, you require a high quality chemical blending system. This is essential to ensure, among other things, the integrity of your products. Without such a system, you cannot be sure of your firm’s ability to both compete and deliver in some of the most competitive industries on the planet.

What Is a Chemical Blending System?

Chemical blending is the combining of different chemicals into specialized storage tanks. The chemical may be powdered but can also be liquid. The mixing may occur in one of two major systems.

Two Major Types of Chemical Blending Systems

Chemical blending systems come in two major types. These are:

* Tank Chemical Blending System: Also known as the brite system, this form of chemical blending system is the older method of mixing. It employs various containers of diverse sizes. How large the container will be depends directly on the specifications for the batch. In this form of chemical blending, the right amounts of ingredients enter the vat in powder, liquid or syrup form to combine in a homogenous unit.

Consistency can be a problem. To arrive at the right mixture and perfect uniformity, a manufacturer has to ensure employees monitor it constantly. This is essential if the producer wishes to ensure the consumer receives the exact same product he or she desires every time.

* Inline Chemical Blending System: In contrast to the older method of tanks, chemical blending is the newer online system. Instead of a tank or other container, the inline system employs a line or pipe. The mixing occurs within this line. The advantage of this process is it produces the same homogeneity every time.

An inline system may be favored for a number of reasons. It not only can also ensure the blending is more accurate, it can make certain an accurate reproduction of the product is accomplished repeatedly. In addition, inline blending saves time and reduces the space required for tanks.

Depending upon the company, some may employ brite tanks while others will opt for the newer online systems.

Choosing Chemical Blending Systems

If your company wants to not only retain its market segment but also increase it, it is important to choose the right production equipment. When it comes to duplicating the same product time after time, the level of replicability is as important as its quality. Both are necessary requirements for success.

In industries where blending is one major component of production, a company must ensure the components are blended effortlessly and seamlessly. The final product must be the same every time for every batch. To require this, it is critical the manufacturer turns to a company that has the proper equipment to get the desired results. In a highly competitive industry, the choice of the right chemical blending system can mark the difference between success and failure. Contact A.G. Layne, Inc.

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