Chicago Auto Repair: 3 Transmission Warning Signs that Shouldn’t be Ignored

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Modern vehicle transmissions are designed to withstand an extensive amount of wear and tear. New drivers are notorious for damaging these durable systems, but the parts will eventually wear out from daily use, regardless of shifting technique. No transmission lasts forever, and the warning signs below are good indicators that repair work may be needed. Here are three transmission signs to look for while operating a vehicle:

The Transmission Grinds or Shakes Transmission grinding is a sure sign of a problem. If you notice the gears grinding or shaking while you are driving down the road, you should stop by a Chicago auto repair shop as soon as possible. The grinding could be due to something simple like low transmission fluid. However, it may also be a sign of a more serious problem. If the vehicle has a manual transmission, the clutch may be damaged or worn out. If the vehicle has automatic shifting, transmission problems are usually signaled by shaking.

The Gears Slip Frequently Gear slippage is a common issue that many drivers ignore until the damage is severe. When a car fails to go into gear or slips repeatedly, it’s a strong sign that the transmission is having problems. Slipping gears are a major safety hazard, especially when going up and down steep slopes, hills and mountains.

The Check Engine Light is On There are jokes of people placing black tape over the check engine light to fix the problem. While these anecdotes may be humorous, the check engine light should never be ignored. It can signal a serious transmission problem, which may result in complete failure if it’s not taken seriously. A Chicago auto repair mechanic can diagnose your check engine light problem quickly, so there is no reason to wait. Normally, transmissions shift effortlessly, which makes it easy to forget about these vital systems.

Fortunately, there are plenty of warning signs that let drivers know when it’s time to take the car to a shop for a thorough inspection. By knowing what signs to look for, a driver can better maintain his or her vehicle and ensure the safety of all passengers. For more information, contact Bucaro Brothers Auto Care at 773-219-0448 today.