Child Custody and the Family Law Attorney in Washington

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When parents have a dispute regarding child custody, it is very important to consider hiring a Family law attorney in Washington. Child custody issues can be emotionally draining for everyone involved including the children. It is best to resolve custody issues as quickly as possible. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a lawyer may be helpful in resolving child custody issues without involving the courts. In other instances, there may be a health and safety issue involved that needs to be resolved quickly. That is why parents involved in child custody disputes should consider hiring legal counsel to resolve the disputes as expeditiously as possible.

A common problem that occurs in child custody disputes is when one parent wants to have sole custody. In Indiana, neither parent has an advantage in child custody court hearings. Both parents are treated equally. The judge will decide legal and physical custody in the best interest of the child. Various factors count such as the wishes of the child and the relationship of the child to each parent. Lawyers who work in family law are quite familiar with the factors that are involved when judges decide child custody cases. The Family law attorney in Washington will try to maximize the amount of child custody time granted to the client. However, it is sometimes necessary to accept the fact that joint custody is in the best interest of the child or that the other parent will have visitation rights even when there is sole custody.

Another common issue that occurs with child custody is when one parent tries to change custody. For example, one parent may want to have more time with the child. The problem with this type of action is that there needs to be a change of circumstances that warrants the change in child custody. For example, if the parent that currently has physical custody of the child is in jail or prison, that would be a significant change of circumstances that would merit changing child custody. Without the change of circumstances that can justify the change in custody, it may be difficult to win this type of case.