Chimney Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY Prevents Fires

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Safety is always important, and Brooklyn homeowners can prevent many home fires by cleaning chimneys on a regular basis. Chimney fires are common in homes using wood burning appliances, but cleaning chimneys properly significantly reduces the threat of chimney fires. What many people don’t know is that all chimneys need to be inspected on a regular schedule to reduce health and safety threats. Brooklyn area professionals like US Chimney Brooklyn work with homeowners to keep chimneys safe and usable.

In homes with wood burning appliances, flammable creosote builds up on chimney liner walls. Chimney fires are a major cause of house fires in the region, and even when a chimney fire does not spread, it can quickly damage the chimney itself. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimney fires burn at about 2000 degrees, which is hot enough to destroy liners and mortar very quickly. Preventing chimney fires is the primary reason for chimney cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, but not the only one.

In addition to preventing fires, chimney cleaning in Brooklyn, NY allows chimney professionals to assess the overall condition of each chimney. Damage is easily identified during the cleaning process, giving homeowners the opportunity to repair the chimney before burning wood again. It also allows the chimney professional to spot other problems. Flashings, deteriorated mortar and damaged chimney caps are all examples of issues that should never be neglected, and chimney professionals will point out those and any other issues they find during the cleaning process.

Even homeowners without wood burning appliances need to have routine chimney inspections. Burning gas or heating oil produces byproducts that deteriorate any flue, especially in older, unlined chimneys. That damage can result in dangerous gases like carbon monoxide entering living areas. Chimney professionals identify problems and make recommendations for repairs to keep New Jersey homeowners safe.

All chimneys need routine attention to protect homeowners from the threats of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimney professionals are trained to spot current and potential problems that homeowners need to know about. The professionals also know the proper procedures for maintaining existing chimneys and building new chimneys designed to keep residents safe for years to come. Visit to request service at your home or business