Chiropractors in Livermore, California Treat Lower Back Pain Without Drugs

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Chiropractic

According to a number of recent reports, those who seek out a chiropractor for lower back pain in Livermore CA may actually be able to overcome their discomfort without having to resort to drugs. In many instances, new patients have actually tried a pain management regimen that might have consisted of various types of analgesics. These simply mask the pain without actually treating the underlying cause.

There’s no single cause of all sorts of back pain, though spinal subluxations tend to be connected to most of them. When people seek out a chiropractor for lower back pain in Livermore CA, there’s a good chance that they’ve experienced some sort of injury however minor. Even staring down at a screen for long periods of time can cause neck discomfort that eventually translates into a more serious issue. Since your body wants to maintain a constant upright position, it will eventually start to engage in what’s sometimes called the righting reflex.

This reflex forces your body to see a straight horizon line. Assuming that you’re not able to stand up completely steady, you’ll begin to adopt an unusual posture over time and compound the amount of stress being placed on the spinal column. Visiting a chiropractor for lower back pain in Livermore CA can help to alleviate this issue by adjusting the column until it’s in a better position where you’d be able to properly walk without the need for an assumed position.

Though it can take time, these sorts of therapies can help patients who currently use pain management techniques to reduce their reliance on them.

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