Choose Industry Professionals For Breath Alcohol Testing In Charleston, WV

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Healthcare

As more companies are wanting to ensure that their employees are healthy and free of illegal drugs in the workplace, there is a greater demand for services that fall under the category of occupational medicine. Many traditional family practice or primary care providers do not offer these kinds of services, and then the employer and employee must find a solution that is satisfactory. Rather than spend time calling around to find out if a clinic can offer these services, it’s much more ideal to turn to a trusted resource within the community. When it comes to Breath Alcohol Testing in Charleston, WV, there is a clinic that offers those services plus much more.

Whether your employee needs a routine employment physical or random drug or alcohol screening, you can be assured that the experienced professionals at Physical Exams Inc have the needed tools and resources to proceed with your occupational medicine needs. Perhaps your employees are required to drive a truck and trailer, or some other kind of company vehicle. You want to ensure that they are safe drivers that abstain from using illegal substances, and that they do not drive while under the influence of alcohol. This clinic offers emergency screening services around the clock so that you can get the results you need in a timely manner. These results can be placed on a CD, or they can be emailed, depending on your preferences. In addition to Breath Alcohol Testing in Charleston, WV, this company also offers Vaccinations, to optimize the health of your employees.

Many employers want to know whether or not a health care clinic or provider follows the most current legal guidelines for both state and federal requirements, and the answer in this case is an emphatic yes. Each medical assistant, technician, and collector is certified, and is overseen by a certified medical review officer, with every result double-checked for accuracy. By choosing a company that is so well-versed in the latest requirements, you are giving your company audit-proof records and flexible solutions. As Alcohol Breath Testing in Charleston, WV becomes the industry standard, you’ll be glad that you have selected a respected leader in the field of occupational medicine.

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