Choosing the Best Louisville, KY Roofing Contractors

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There are few things worse than standing in a second-floor bedroom and watching the water come in through the ceiling. Most homeowners will immediately start reviewing the terms of their roofing warranty to see if it’s still covered. Most will find that they aren’t and will start to consider their options for hiring the Best Louisville KY Roofing Contractors to find the leak and repair it. Before letting anyone on their property to do work, homeowners must make sure that they have the proper insurance. In the case of roofing contractors this includes general liability insurance, workers compensation, and auto coverage.

It’s also important that Louisville KY Roofing Contractors be licensed in the state and have all of the necessary professional credentials. This protects the homeowner from any potential lawsuit while the work is being conducted and afterwards. Homeowners should also ask about the warranty this time as well. A three-year warranty on roofing work is a fairly typical length. They should clarify whether it includes materials, labor or both. Most warranties do not include storm damage or other acts of nature.

The best roofing contractors have knowledge of all of the commonly used shingles. They should be able to take a quick look and know the brand of shingle that needs to be matched as closely as possible. Of course there’s the general weathering effect that will show for a few months or until the shingles have gone through a complete weather cycle. Some expert general contractors are also roofing contractors. This mix of experience can come in quite handy. If there has been a great deal of water damage in the home. They will be able to replace damaged features such as dry wall, flooring and window frames.

Roofing contractors who have strong ties to the community, have a reputation to protect. They know that they will see their customers at the local diner and high school football games. Therefore they go above and beyond the typical warranty to make their customers satisfied. If the homeowner has a problem they have the assurance that the contractor will be in their office to fix it.