Choosing the Right Natural Materials for Paving in New London

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One of the most critical decisions, when designing and finally building your garden, is the choice of paving material. You occasionally relax on the garden furniture, open the gate or touch the plant, but your feet always touch the surface of your garden. Like your plants, the materials used for paving can add pattern, texture and color to your yard. Consider using natural materials for paving in New London that fit your budget, as well as requirements.

The most popular natural material is stone. Many homeowners prefer stone because it offers a huge range of sizes, shapes and colors. Every garden situation is well covered with stone, from country garden paths flagstones to formal patio precision cut geometric blocks.

Some of the things you have to keep in mind while using stone for paving include:
1. Have a thickness of 2 inches to provide support for frequently used footpaths
2. Choose flat stones with natural cleft surfaces that offer texture or grip
3. Check color while the material is wet

Sandstone for paving is tough and is easier to work with compared to granite, which helps lower costs. Sandstone is also available in a myriad of colors and shapes and is easy to find in large quantities. The most famous sandstone colors are lilac-gray, blue-gray, orange-brown, soft golden cream, tan and light gray.

For short term paving solutions, gravel is the easiest to install option that provides an attractive texture for informal landscapes. Choose unsorted, angular, sharp gravel since it will interlock easily forming a firm surface that will not shift, furrow or spill.

Slate offers a soft texture as well as subtle color palette that are pleasant to look at. The lavenders and muted reds to pastel blue-grays are beautiful to walk on and admire. Slate is best used in sheltered regions or locations with mild climate and limited rainfall.

Nothing trumps granite when it comes to durability. Granite is one of the most elegant paving materials for formal out-of-doors spaces and is found in the form of brick or cube shaped pieces called sets or flagstone (uniform sized). Besides durability and hardness, granite offers an extensive selection of colors.
While looking for natural options for your paving in New London, do not forget to consult with the experts.