Choosing the Right Type of Adoption

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When it comes to adoption, every situation is different. There are various reasons for giving a child for adoption in Oklahoma City and with the right legal counsel, it is possible to make the best decision for the child, the mother, and the adopting family. Open or closed adoptions are available depending on how much of a part the birth mother will be in a child’s life.

Closed Adoption

In the past, most adoptions were closed. In this case, the birth mother cuts off any and all communication with the child and the adoptive parents. While a mother can still play a role in determining which family will be adopting her child, it is possible to limit the amount of information that is exchanged. Sometimes giving a child for adoption is tough and it makes it easier for the birth mother to sever all ties. Watching a child grow up through pictures and letters can often be more than some can bear.

Open Adoption

Some mothers decide that leaving the relationship open is the best way to go about giving a child for adoption. While each family works together to come up with the best arrangement, the birth mother can communicate with the adoptive family through emails, letters, and pictures. Visits or even phone calls may be part of the arrangement as well, depending on what everyone agrees is best for the child.

Semi-Open Adoption

A balance between the two types of adoption is the semi-open adoption. An adoption agency becomes the mediator between the child and the birth mother. Letters and photos are exchanged but there is no direct contact. This has become one of the most popular options for mothers giving a child for adoption in Oklahoma City. Having someone else involved helps to ensure that both parties follow the agreement and provides a level of separation between the two.

Giving a child for adoption is a selfless act that is not always an easy one. With the different types of adoption available today, birth mothers have a chance to be involved as much as they want in the life of their child. The goal is always to do what is best for the child. The needs of the adoptive parents and the birth mother are secondary.