Climate Controlled Storage in Winnipeg Keeps Belongings Safe and Secure

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People have a number of reasons for needing to store their belongings. It could be that they are in the process of moving, and they need to store items until they are in their new location. They could have too much to fit into their homes, but don’t want to sell or give away these items. It could be that they have items that need to be stored under specific temperatures, such as artwork or furs. In any case, when people need to store their items, the first places they look to are facilities where they are able to rent storage space at reasonable prices.

One of the biggest concerns people have about climate controlled storage in Winnipeg is security. At St. Anne’s Self Storage, customers can feel safe in knowing that the property is gated, and that there is 24-hour video surveillance. The area is also equipped with alarms. Only those who are the “owners” of the storage units are allowed access to them. They may have access at any time, day or night, and they never have to wait if they need something from their units right away.

Often, people aren’t sure exactly what they need in the way of storage space. The knowledgeable staff will help customers figure out which units are going to be best for their particular storage needs. For instance, if they are storing items that need to be stored under specific temperatures, there are climate controlled storage units available. They even offer boxes that are ideal for storing many items. Storage units can be small, or large enough to accommodate the contents of entire homes.
Unlike many other companies that offer climate controlled storage in Winnipeg, customers will not be charged a deposit or an application fee for renting a unit. The only expense is the monthly rental fee, which will depend on the size and type of units rented. Some of the services offered include the use of a moving truck, moving supplies, and more. Tools are available to make things easier for customers, including a Space Estimator, which will help customers figure out just how much space they need.