Common Causes of a Heating Emergency in Prince George’s MD

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In many respects, one of the most important systems at work in your home is your heating unit. The heating unit is what provides warmth during the cold and frigid winter months. Just like any other system in your home, over time your heating unit will require maintenance and routine repair in order to stay in good working condition. Many inexperienced homeowners think that they can save money on repair bills by handling it on their own. In most cases, handling your own repairs will only lead to disaster and more damage to the unit. The following are a few common causes of a Heating Emergency in Prince George’s MD.

Lack of Maintenance

One of the most common causes for a heating emergency is lack of professional maintenance on the unit. Most professional HVAC repair companies recommend that you have your unit maintained before each winter to make sure that there are no problems. If a problem is found during maintenance, then the technician will be able to fix it right away. Neglecting to have your unit maintained by a professional will lead to extensive repairs because the unit will have to work harder to produce the same level of heat. Instead of putting the life of your unit at risk, you need to have a professional maintenance it on a regular basis.

Dirty or Work Filters

Another very common cause of a Heating Emergency in Prince George’s MD is dirty or clogged air filters. One of the most important parts of an efficient running heating system is sufficient air flow, which can be restricted by a clogged or dirty air filter. The lack of air will make the unit have to work harder and will eventually lead to a break down. In order to avoid these problems, you need to change your filter at least once every month or so.

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