Common Choices for the Ashes Following Cremation Port Jefferson NY

When loved ones pass away, there are two options for the deceased; you can opt for a burial or a cremation. Both have there advantages and disadvantages, but the final choice is primarily left up to the family member who is responsible for making the decision that would best be suited to the departed persons wishes. Cremation Port Jefferson NY is a popular option for many people for a number of reasons. If the deceased was someone who was ecologically conscious, they most like would prefer cremation.

Cremation in Port Jefferson NY is also more cost effective than a burial. With cremation there is no need to purchase a casket, cemetery plot or headstone. Although many people opt for a memorial service for cremation, it is typically less expensive than a funeral service for burial. If you choose to have a memorial service before the cremation, many funeral homes rent coffins specifically for memorial services. When choosing to rent a coffin from, it allows you to have a service for family and friends to gather to say their goodbyes.Following a cremation you will have several options for the ashes.

If you choose to scatter the ashes, it is important to verify that it is legal in the area where you intend to spread them. You also have the option of purchasing a decorative urn to hold the ashes. Another common option is to have a piece of jewelry made that contains some of the ashes. It is important to discuss your options as well as your decision with the funeral director in order for him to be aware of your plans, which allows the funeral home to plan accordingly. If you are faced with making a decision regarding a burial or cremation, it is important to first try to find out if the deceased has a will or other documents stating their preference.

If you do not have documentation from the deceased, it is important to discuss the options with family members to determine what your loved one would have wanted. Many people opt for the burial because of the service, so keep in mind that you can hold a service before or after a cremation.

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