Common Misconceptions About Car Recycling Services in Ft. Collins

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If you have a car that is inoperable, that you are unable to sell, or that would cost too much to register, Recycling Services Ft. Collins will pick up the car and recycle it. Unfortunately, many people don’t pick up the phone and call one of these services, because they have misconceptions about how they work and what is required to get rid of the car. Here are three common misconceptions and the truth surrounding them.

The Car Must Be Registered:

One misconception surrounding auto recycling is that the car must be current on its registration in order to sell it to a recycler. If someone is buying the car to drive it, it must be current on its registration. If the car is being junked, it does not need to be current. So if your car’s registration is a few months or a few years behind, it doesn’t matter. You will have to have a title of the car though, to show that you are the legal owner.

The Car Must Be in Good Condition:

Car Recycling Services Ft. Collins don’t care what condition your car is in. When a car is recycled, the metal in the car will be melted down and recycled into another metal object. This means you will get less money if your car is missing doors or parts, but it is based on the weight of your car, not the condition of your car.

You Have to Pay to Haul it to the Junk Yard:

The last misconception people have about auto recycling is that they are responsible for towing the car to the junk yard or recycling plant. This is not true. All auto recyclers will come to you and tow your unwanted vehicle away. And best of all, they won’t even charge you for the tow. This makes it easy to get rid of your unwanted vehicle.

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