Common Problems That Require AC repairs in Bradenton FL

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Air conditioners are very important for any home or office especially during very hot summer months. They keep the home or office space habitable and very comfortable for the day to day activities. Despite their great importance, homeowners are also faced with numerous problems with these ACs. Some of these issues can be resolved quite easily while a number of them require professionals. Below are common incidences where AC repairs in Bradenton FL may be needed.

Failure of the unit is one of the main problems that people face with their air conditioners. There are cases where the condenser can be heard running, but there is usually no cool air being circulated. When faced with this, the first thing that you need to check on is the thermostat. If that is fine, you can then move to the condenser. A blown fuse or a tripped circuit inside the condenser can have the same signs. Other than these two, there are many other reasons why cool air may not be circulating in the room. Calling an expert can help you diagnose and resolve the problem as fast as possible.

Although some air conditioners run with a little noise, you should be worried when the noise level goes up. Rattling noises and vibrations usually indicate the presence of a problem with the unit’s installation. Squealing noises from a belt driven AC handler also need to be attended to immediately. Other than the noise, many AC unit owners also complain of the unit shutting on and off repeatedly. This is a simple problem to troubleshoot and resolve with or without professional help. Constant on and off is usually caused by a dirty or blocked condenser. Cleaning the entire unit and removing any obstacles from its path can resolve the issue.

Low refrigerant levels can be taken care of by adding more refrigerant although you need to look for professional ac repairs in Bradenton FL so that they can identify the underlying problem. In most cases, this is caused by leaks within the system. Apart from these common signs of problems within the unit, it is always advisable to get the unit checked every few months so that any impending problems can be identified and resolved early.