Common Problems with Aluminum Extrusion Process

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Aluminum is a lightweight, yet very durable metal that is used in many different facets of the industrialized world. It takes a professional to be able to cut and mold aluminum into the desired part and even a professional can have issues when performing the extrusion process. The longer that a person works with aluminum, the better they will become at using it and the more techniques they will learn to reduce the problems that arise when working with this metal. The following are a few problems that may arise when performing custom aluminum extrusion.

Dents and Unsightly Markings

One of the most common problems when working with aluminum is markings and dents that arise when you are shaping it. Aluminum is very easily scuffed and marked when working with it, which means that you have to be extra careful when trying to shape it. You can cover your work benches with old blankets to reduce the amount of rubbing and friction on the aluminum. Be sure if you put the aluminum in a vice that you have a piece of wood or flat piece of metal to take some of the pressure off of the piece you are working with.

Welding Problems

Another major problem that most inexperienced metal workers have with aluminum is during the welding process. The thin nature of the aluminum makes it easy to burn through it when trying to weld, which will mean that you have to start all over. The only way to prevent this problem from happening is by welding the metal at high temperatures and in a fast motion. The less time you have the welder on the metal, the less chance there is a of a burn through occurring and ruining the project you are working on.

Painting Problems

Many inexperienced metal workers have no idea how hard it can be to finish an aluminum project that involves painting. It is very hard to make the paint adhere to the unfinished aluminum, which can make for a lackluster finished product. The first thing you have to do before painting aluminum is to remove the oxidation from it, along with any dust or grease that is present. The cleaner the surface is, the better the paint will adhere to it. You should also use a self-etching primer to make a more stable base for the paint.

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