Common Questions About Water Damage Restoration Companies In Oklahoma City

If your home has water damage due to a flood or even busted water pipes, you’ll need to hire a Water Damage Restoration Oklahoma City company as soon as possible. Water can damage your furniture, flooring and even the structure of your house. Mold will immediately start to grow and cause your house to be unhealthy to live in. Below you’ll find some common questions about water damage and restoration services.

Q. How long will it take for my house to dry out and be livable again?

A. This depends on how much water was in your house and how much damage was done. Other factors include how long the water has been in your home, the weather conditions and the types of materials used in building your home. Water restoration companies, such as Flood Masters, use state of the art equipment to dry out your home and they’re experts at what they do. Most homeowners can move back into their home in less than one week after the restoration process begins.

Q. How much time does it take after water damage for mold to start growing?

A. When your home is flooded, mold will begin to grow in less than 12 hours and breed harmful bacteria. Mold can damage the walls in your home if left untreated for very long. Breathing in the mold also poses a health problem for you and your family and can cause infections and diarrhea.

Q. Will my floors be ruined and will they have to be replaced since they were covered with water?

A. When the Water Damage Restoration Oklahoma City company comes to your home they will inspect the flooring. After evaluating the damage, they can tell you if the wood is damaged beyond repair and needs replacing or if it can be restored.

Q. How will the water restoration company dry out my home?

A. After inspecting your home, experienced technicians will extract the standing water using special equipment. After the water is removed, they’ll begin the drying out process using huge fans and dehumidifiers. After your home is dry, the technicians will test the air to make sure all the mold and moisture is gone.

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