Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Repair in Suffolk County

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When you walk into your home on a hot day, and are greeted with stagnant, warm air, instead of the ice cold air you expected, dollar bills may begin dancing in your mind. Your first thought may be, “I wonder what this is going to cost me.” Luckily for you, there are many reasons why your air conditioner may not be working properly, and these repairs won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are three inexpensive, yet common reasons for Air Conditioning Repair in Suffolk County.

Filter Replacement:
Air conditioners have one or more filters inside of them. These filters remove dirt, dust and pollen from the air. As they do their job, these elements get stuck in the filter. This makes it harder for air to flow. Eventually, air will be unable to travel through these filters, preventing any air from reaching the cooling elements in your system. A filter replacement will solve this problem and get your home cooled quickly.

Freon Top-Off:
The most common reasons for Air Conditioning Repair in Suffolk County is for the topping off of Freon. Freon is the cold element that runs through your exchanger, cooling air ti comes into contact with. As this liquid runs through the exchanger, it evaporates. When it begins to run low, the air conditioner will have trouble cooling your home. Having it topped off, or refilled, helps to ensure your home stays as cold as you want.

Exchanger Cleaning:
While filters filter out the majority of dirt and dust from air, some still makes its way into your air conditioning unit. Over time, this dirt and dust can build up on parts. If the exchanger, the part responsible for cooling air, becomes coated in a thic,k layer of dirt, air won’t cool as it should. A professional can clean the exchanger, and you will be on your way to air conditioned air once again.

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