Common Reasons For garage door repair in Melbourne, FL

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Homeowners depend on their garage doors to operate smoothly and securely no matter what. Your garage door may experience problems from time to time, but there is no reason to be alarmed. The following are a few of the most common problems that will lead to a homeowner requiring garage door repair in Melbourne.

Garage Door Sticks

A garage door that sticks can have a number of different causes. If your door uses a remote opener, you should check the batteries in the remote and then check the sensor that causes the remote to work. After checking these components, you should move to the track of the garage door to ensure the wheels are not misaligned, which will cause the door to stick. The most common cause of sticking garage doors is improper installation, in which the doors are hung unevenly. Check to ensure that the door is even and have the proper amount of tension on each side of the door. If none of these causes turn out to be the root of the problem, it may be time to seek a professional for garage door repair in Melbourne, FL.

Uneven Side To Side Movement

The easiest solution for this problem is usually removing the debris that is caught in the track of the garage door. If this does not solve the problem, you need to check the condition of your springs that are on either side of the garage door. The springs should be equal length and should also stretch the same when the garage door is opened. If you have an automatic door, your motors on either side of the door may be broken, in which case you should call a professional for garage door repair in Melbourne .

If you have a problem that you are incapable of fixing, you should contact a garage door professional. Be sure the company that you choose has previous experience on the brand of garage door that you own. There are many different brands and models of garage doors with different parts and schematics, so ensuring your repair man’s experience is vital in receiving the best service possible.