Common Reasons Why Your Ankle Could be Causing You Pain During the Day

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When you’re walking around as you normally do, you might suddenly experience pain in your ankle. You could also experience pain as soon as you try to stand up if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. The following are a few reasons why you might have pain in this area that could warrant a visit to your doctor.

Sprain or Strain

Whether you’re active and playing a sport or you’re walking around in your home, you can sprain or strain your ankle. While the bones might not be broken, you could experience severe pain as there is typically a tear in the ligaments. You could notice swelling or bruising soon after the sprain or strain occurs. A strain tends to impact the muscle a bit more than the ligaments. When you visit a doctor for ankle pain in Bolingbrook, your ankle could be wrapped or you could be given crutches.


As with other areas of your body, you could experience arthritis in your ankles. This is a type of ankle pain Bolingbrook doctors can treat with medication or physical therapy. You could also get a prescription for orthotics that are worn in your shoes that can offer more support for your ankles and feet.

Arch Support

When you’re standing, pay attention to the arch of your foot. If you have flat feet and no arch, then you could put more strain on your ankles. Sometimes, the bones in your ankle can get out of line with the rest of your leg, which can cause pain or swelling.

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