Common Reasons You Might Hold a Service at a Cemetery in Hayward

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Whether someone has a traditional funeral or not, a service held at a cemetery is an option to consider so that family and friends can pay their last respects. This is often a small and intimate gathering, unlike a larger service that’s held in a church or a funeral home chapel. Here are a few details about what you might expect.

Service Details

A cemetery service in Hayward, CA usually takes place where the person will be buried. While it’s often done after a funeral is performed at another location, there are some people who choose to only have this type of service, especially if there’s not a large family or if the person might not be well-known in the area. Even if the person is cremated, a cemetery service can usually be held as you can still bury the remains.

Reasons for Planning

A common reason why a cemetery service in Hayward, CA is held is so that family members and friends have a bit of closure from the death of someone they love. They can see that the casket is lowered into the ground or at least see that the casket or urn is there, which means that the person is no longer alive. It’s also common to hold this type of service for religious reasons as some have a process of visitation, the funeral, and then the service at the cemetery. Another reason to consider this type of service is so that mourners can interact with a smaller group of people they’re familiar with instead of a large number of visitors.

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