Common Types of Body Work in Tempe

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Being involved in an auto accident comes with its own set of worries and stress for all parties involved. If your car has been damaged during an accident, you will need to find a reputable body shop to handle your repairs. Here are a few of the most common types of Body Work in Tempe.

Rear End Damage
One of the common accidents that happen on the road is rear end collisions. Even if your rear end accident happens at a low rate of speed, the damage done can still be quite extensive. Generally, the trunk and bumper will take the brunt of the impact during this type of collision. In most cases, the body shop that you are using will be able to let you know the extent of the damage and what parts will need to be ordered. By choosing a good body shop, you will be able to avoid a long wait for your repairs and you will be able to get your car back looking like it just rolled off of the showroom floor.

Storm Damage
Another common form of Body Work in Tempe is the repairs that result from storm damage. Things like flying debris and trees can do serious damage to your vehicle. If you know that a bad storm is coming your way, you need to prepare by either moving your vehicle into an enclosure or parking it away from any trees on your property. By taking these precautions you may be able to avoid costly repairs to your vehicle. In some cases, a bad storm will produce hail, which can also wreak havoc on the body of your vehicle. The hail is like a small stone and it has been known to make huge dents and even break auto glass.

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