Common Washing Machine Problems That Require Speed Queen Washer Parts

Your washing machine is a vital part of your life and it can be a mini-disaster when it malfunctions. There are many different makes and models of washing machines and they all have their own little quirks. The following is a list of common problems that may require Speed Queen washer parts.

Machine Will Not Turn On

The most obvious cause of this problem will be that the washing machine has come unplugged from the wall, so check that before proceeding to other possible causes. The switch in the lid of the washing may be defective, the only way to be sure it to use a voltmeter to test the current on the switch. Another possible cause is that the timer on the machine may be bad and not engaging properly, which will prevent the machine from working at all. You can seek Speed Queen washer parts to fix these problems or call a professional repairman.

No Water

If your machine is not filling with water the first thing you should check is the inlet hose on the back of the machine to see if it is clogged or restricted in anyway. There is also a water level sensor in many washing machines, which is distinguishable by the clear tube attached to it. The best way to check this switch is to verify that there is electrical current being conducted through it, which can be detected by using a voltmeter. If it is decided that these parts are bad, you will need to find the right Speed Queen washer parts to fix the problem. You can either buy these parts new or try your luck at a used part. Generally, a new part will come with a warranty, but the used parts will not.

If you find yourself in need of washing machine parts, contact the knowledgeable staff at Summit Parts. Summit has over sixty years of experience, which makes them more than capable of helping with all of your appliance repair needs. Be sure that you take in your old part so that the staff can get you the exact replacement for your brand of appliances.

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