Commonly Asked Questions About Water Heater Installation

If your hot water heater isn’t performing at its best, it may be time to have it replaced. Older water heaters are less efficient than newer models and by installing a new water heater, you’ll be saving money on your energy costs. Below you’ll learn more information about hot water heaters and water heater installation.

Q.) What causes rusty colored water to come out of a hot water faucet?

A.) The inside of a metal hot water heater is susceptible to rust and corrosion. To keep the inside of the tank from rusting, manufacturers place an anode rod into the tank. Instead of eating up the inside of your tank, corrosion consumes the anode rod first. When the anode rod has completely disintegrated, the rust begins eating away at the tank causing your water to turn rust colored. Anode rods are attached at the top of the tank and simple to replace.

Q.) Why does hot water from the faucet have a terrible odor?

A.) If you’re smelling sulfur when you turn on your hot water, this means that your tank is full of bacteria. To kill the bacteria, turn your hot water heater on the highest setting overnight. Don’t forget to turn the setting back down to normal before you turn on the water because it could burn you. If turning your hot water heater on high doesn’t help, contact a professional plumber to flush your tank for you.

Q.) Are tankless hot water heaters better than water heaters that have tank?

A.) Tankless hot water heaters do not store water and they produce hot water only when it’s needed. A tankless heater can last two times as long as a regular hot water heater. Even though tankless heaters are more energy efficient, they are more costly to purchase. If you’re unsure about the type of hot water heater you want to buy, talk to an experienced technician who works for a company that performs Water Heater Installation.

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