Compare Flooring Materials Before Installing Tile in Gilbert, AZ Homes

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If you have seen beautiful tile floors in several homes and think they would be perfect for you, it is possible that you are right. However, before installing Tile in Gilbert, AZ homes, it is wise to compare other options. Professionals, such as Red Mountain Carpet and Tile, can explain the pro’s and con’s of choices that include:

HARDWOOD: Genuine wood flooring is a favorite with buyers who want to add instant warmth and elegance to their homes. Flooring is made from a number of different tree species, which provide a wide variety of finished materials. Wood does not go out of style. It is generally more expensive than other flooring types; but it is easy to maintain and is extremely durable. Wood will retain its beauty for many years with just occasional refinishing.

LAMINATES: Budget-conscious shoppers who want the look and feel of wood often choose laminate flooring. This manufactured product is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. It does not last as long as real wood, however.

CARPETING: Carpeting is a popular choice among homeowners who want a cushioned surface for small children or those who are in danger of falling. It is also a favorite because it offers variety. There are dozens of carpet types, colors, and thicknesses. Carpeting is extremely versatile, especially when treated to resist stains and dirt. It makes ideal flooring on surfaces ranging from outdoor porches to elegant living areas. However, carpeting can absorb dirt, hair, allergens, and other substances; so it may not be ideal for those with respiratory conditions or pets.

TILE: Cost effective and easy to maintain, tile is available in hundreds of product, color, and pattern choices. You can choose ceramic tile, glass, and porcelain. If you install Tile in Gilbert, AZ homes, the result is moisture-resistant flooring that hides scratches well. It is easily cleaned with a broom, vacuum, or damp mop. However, grout lines can be difficult to keep clean, surfaces are very hard, and tile can be slippery when wet.

Before you make a final decision to add or change flooring, it is wise to consider several materials. Many offer equal benefits and variety, and may cost less or even include added features.