Conditions that Require the Use of a Needle Syringe

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Health & Fitness

Some medical conditions require people to give themselves injections on their own without a visit to the doctor. If these patients had to visit a doctor every time they needed an injection, they would be there at least once a day, sometimes more. Understanding what types of conditions may require you to self-administer medication through injection can help you weigh your options if you find yourself in that situation. It will also help you choose the right needle syringe if you need to self-inject.


Many people are familiar with diabetes and the need to monitor blood sugar. In cases where the body doesn’t make enough insulin or the insulin is ineffective, injections of insulin may become a necessary part of the treatment. This will require the diabetic to stock up on insulin, as well as needle syringes, so he can give himself the injections he needs to remain as healthy as possible.

Fertility Treatments

Women who undergo fertility treatments, especially those that require the removal and transfer of eggs, require multiple types of injections. This means you will either need to make trips to the doctor each time you need an injection, which can often be daily during certain parts of the cycle, or learn to do them yourself with a needle syringe. It is often easier and less stressful to administer them at home, rather than taking multiple extra trips to the doctor’s office.

Home Care Situations

Some people are released from the hospital while they are still sick to undergo care in the home instead. When this happens, a home health aide comes into the home and administers any medications that may be necessary. In this situation, it may be up to the patient to keep the proper store of needle syringes on hand. In others, the home care facility may send out the proper tools for medical care.

There are many situations where a patient may need injected medications in the home, often requiring self-injection with a needle syringe. Whether you are suffering from diabetes, going through fertility treatments or require home care for a medical condition, these injections can provide you with the medication you need through the most effective method. If you need to complete these injections, chances are you will also need to provide the needle syringes you need, as well as the medication that must be injected into your system.

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