Condo Associations Need Portable Bars For Events

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One of the many benefits of owning a condo is that you get to enjoy beautiful landscaped areas and gardens or poolside patios and cooking areas to entertain. However, you don’t have all the upkeep and maintenance to handle on your own. Many condo associations offer members and residents the option of booking these public spaces and hosting different parties and events throughout the year. If your condo allows this then you really need to talk to them about having some portable bars for events on hand.

Portable bars for events are not the same as a permanent bar that needs to be covered in the weather or carried in and out and storage when not in use. These are big, heavy and bulky and typically very difficult to store. Portable bars for events, on the other hand, are lightweight and durable and actually fold up to store in about the same amount of space as a large sized folding table. Many of the top models are less than a foot in depth when in the folded position and can easily be moved when set up on industry wheels.

The Benefits

Offering condo members the option to use portable bars for events means that the condo association can control the appearance of the furniture used for beverage service on their grounds. The condo association can even brand the panels of the portable bars for events to just highlight that they are providing the equipment, which is a nice touch and a bit of free advertising.

In addition, if the condo association is responsible for hiring staff in the form of bartenders and caterers the equipment, the portable bars for events, are always the same and are very easy to set-up, stock, use and take down at the end of the event.

All Types of Uses

While they may be called portable bars for events, these handy and stylish service areas can be used for coffee service in the morning or for a brunch get together, or for lemonade or cold drinks by the pool. With different panel options their appearance can be changed to suit a child’s birthday party or an open house event.

Condo associations that want to offer a range of different additional features should consider having portable bars for events available for use. They will be used frequently and are always a good investment to add to the value of your indoor and outdoor meeting spaces.

Portable bars for events are a wonderful option for all types of groups, including condo associations. To see how you can use these bars visit us online at