Consider Replacing Old Roofs with Shingle Roofing in St. Charles MO

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If the roof is worn out and needs to be replaced on a small budget, consider using shingle roofing in St. Charles MO. Shingle roofing is the workhorse of the roofing industry. Shingle roofing comes in many prices and quality levels. It also comes in a good selection of colors. The homeowner can choose the best quality that their budget will allow and know that if it is properly installed it will give many years of service.

Repairing Shingle Roofs

One advantage of shingle roofing in St. Charles MO is that it is easy to repair when it gets damaged. If a wind storm blows a few shingles off the roof, they can be replaced without the whole roof needing to be replaced. Any damage confined to a small area can be repaired easily on a shingle roof. This saves the homeowner money. Then when the roof is worn beyond repair, shingles are not that difficult to remove to make room for a new roof.

Installing A New Roof

One thing to remember is that shingles are heavy. There should never be more than two layers of shingles on a roof. Ideally, each time the roof is replaced, the old roof will be removed first. When the old roof is replaced, it is possible to inspect the roof deck for damage and repair that. A well-trained roofing crew should install the new shingle roofing according to manufacturer specifications. There should not be any corner cutting. A roof that is improperly installed can fail, causing roof leaks and damage to the interior of the home.

Exterior Renovations

When there is a new roof, the rest of the exterior may look old and worn. An exterior contractor such as Affordable Exteriors who also carries siding and windows can replace every product on the exterior of a home. A new gutter system can help a roof and siding last longer by collecting water and directing it away from the house. New energy efficient windows can save the homeowner energy costs if they are replacing leaky, damaged single pane windows.

Replacing damaged, worn siding gives the home a whole new look and increases the home’s value. Contact us for more exterior renovation information.