Consider These Details Before Choosing Veneers From a Chicago Dentist

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If you’ve been thinking about your smile and how straight you want it to appear, there are a few options available. One that can help to cover imperfections that you might have and that are a bit more permanent would be veneers. Here are a few details to consider before visiting a dentist.


Before considering dental veneers in Chicago, keep in mind that they typically can’t be removed unless you see your dentist to have it done. This is designed so that they look and feel more like your natural teeth instead of dentures. You’ll be able to see the beautiful design every time you look in the mirror and be able to eat as you normally would as well.


While your dentist can help you choose a color that looks natural, it’s possible that you could choose a shade that’s too white. This can make the veneers appear fake, which might not be what you expect. Consider getting a color that’s a shade or two brighter than what your teeth normally look like so that you have a natural appearance instead of one that’s bleached.


There are several issues that dental veneers in Chicago can help with, such as chips, cracks, and gaps. You can get veneers to help with alignment issues instead of getting braces and other devices used to straighten your teeth. You can also get them for either the top or bottom teeth instead of having them cover all of your teeth, which can be a less expensive option. Contact Northalsted Dental Spa for more information.