Considerations When Using Professional Teeth Whitening Products

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Having the ability to complete your own tooth whitening process at home using effective, low cost professional teeth whitening products is a great option for most people. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are professional grade whiteners that need to be used correctly to prevent specific issues that can occur.

Overall professional teeth whitening products are very safe and very easy to use. In fact, many dentists provide home kits for their patients rather than scheduling the process in the office as it is just as effective and helps to cut the cost of an in-office treatment.

By keeping correct use and safety in mind using professional teeth whitening products is easy. This is true even if you aren’t someone that typically spends a lot of time on dental hygiene routines.

Actual Tooth Color Change

Professional teeth whitening products will work effectively on teeth that are yellow or dull and dingy looking. However, they tend to work less effectively if the teeth are more of a brown color. With noticeably brown teeth the products can lighten the color but will usually not restore it to the original white.

Teeth that have black, gray or dark colors will typically not be whitened even with the use of professional teeth whitening products. Also some genetic conditions that discolor teeth along with tooth damage and decay or specific types of medications often leave teeth permanently discolored.

Dental work will not lighten with professional teeth whitening products or over the counter products. This means crowns, fillings and veneers will not lighten but any natural tooth surface will.

Tooth Sensitivity

One of the biggest complaints for many people using professional teeth whitening products, or even over the counter options, is the tooth sensitivity right after the treatment. For some people this can be very uncomfortable and may last for several days.

To lower the risk of sensitivity after using professional teeth whitening products choose a concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide that is lower rather than higher.  When using the product apply it to the teeth for a short period of time and not the recommended 30 minutes to an hour. For some people starting with 5 minutes per application and increasing until sensitivity occurs is the best option.