Consulting A Criminal Attorney In Jefferson County, MO

A Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO offers legal counsel for individuals who are accused of criminal infractions that are classified as felony or misdemeanor charges. An attorney practicing within this legal field presents clarity for his or her clients. Through clarity, the attorney and client establish the facts of the case based on the client’s testimony and eye-witnesses speaking on the client’s behalf.

Understanding Criminal Charges and Classifications

Criminal charges Jefferson County MO hold varying classifications in which some crimes may hold stricter punishments for the accused if convicted. The determining factors which designate how these crimes are classified are the severity of the crime, its nature, and the presence of malicious intent. Crimes which hold the highest classifications are murder, violent crimes, and federally-based crimes.

Minor infractions are classified based on the area in which they occur and laws that govern that specific location. For instance, some states consider possession of a controlled substance in a small quantity as a minor infraction. The same implications are used to determine classifications for moving violations such as DUI. What you must realize as a defendant is that if you have a previous conviction that relates to your current charge, the older charge does apply to the new charge. A past criminal history can additionally lead to harsher punishments.

Local Criminal Representation

The Lowry Law Firm provides you with a Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO that can represent you effectively in a court of law. These attorneys are familiar with legal proceedings that relate to both felony and misdemeanor charges. By hiring an attorney through this law firm you will arm yourself with a beneficial criminal defense which may prevent a conviction. To discuss your case with an attorney at this law firm, you should contact them directly through their local number that appears on their website.


Your choice of criminal Attorney in Jefferson County MO offers a criminal defense and the ability to share your side of the story. This attorney understands methods for presenting reasonable doubt and preventing a conviction. With a careful review of the prosecution’s case, your attorney will devise a strategic plan for achieving an acquittal and avoiding a possible prison sentence.

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