Cost-Efficient and Accommodating Roofing in Omaha, NE

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Roofing

While roofing may seem simple and like a basic necessity for homes, roofing is actually reliant on a precise layered system that helps prevent leaks and assists in drainage. Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Inc., a business that provides Roofing service in Omaha, NE, Peoria, and the Pekin communities, has trained roofing contractors and employed specialists to make sure that roofs are installed and repaired properly. A poor installation or quick-fix repair may cost homeowners thousands of dollars in the future through leak/water damage that can cause drywall damage, electrical complications, and even provide potential environments for mold. Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Inc. can give homeowners the peace of mind that their roof is functioning and that their time with Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Inc. specialists will be both professional and accommodating to their needs.

Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Inc. installs new roofs and provides customers with a 5-year warranty after their new roof installation, and they offer estimates for no cost to the customer. They have a number of roofing services including tear offs and full roof replacement on homes and businesses. Customers can even request a skylight to create a new look or ambiance to a room in their residence with Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Inc.. In addition to roofing, this company can even help with major home renovations such as vinyl and window replacements, trim installation, and more.

Specialists ensure that customers are choosing the right product for their home’s structure, budget, and location. For the customer who wishes to cut costs on their electric bill, Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Inc. employees may recommend metal roofing. Metal roofing is now available in more attractive styles and structures, and it ultimately leads to greener, safer living. Specialists may even be able to locate problems with the current roof’s ventilation in order to decrease a client’s energy cost.

Roof maintenance technicians understand that maintenance is essential to the upkeep of a home. This company provides maintenance advice to customers during the installation and maintenance procedure. Many leaks can be avoided by cleaning gutters and roofs regularly, checking the attic after a storm, or looking for any signs of discoloring on the walls. Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Inc. can remove damaged shingles and repair roof sheathing to help customers avoid the cost of Best Roofi\replacing an entire roof. Their top priority is customer satisfaction and high-quality services in the industry of Roofing in Omaha, NE.

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