Costs That Are Often Associated with Living Off the College Campus

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Living away from the college campus can be beneficial as it gives you the freedom to do what you want compared to abiding by the rules that are set forth by the dorm. You don’t have to worry about the number of people who live in the building or the activities that are on campus, which can sometimes make it difficult to study. When you live off-campus, there are a few costs to keep in mind so that you can properly budget while on your own.

Summer Semester

If you plan to stay in Florida State off-campus housing during the summer semester, you need to be prepared to save money for those months from financial aid or another source of income. This is often a benefit of this type of housing as most dorms are open throughout the school year instead of the summer months unless there’s a special circumstance. Consider an internship in your field of study so that you can make money while also getting the skills needed for your career.


When you live in Florida State off-campus housing, one of the things to consider is transportation. While on campus, it’s easy to walk or ride a shuttle if one is provided. Some of the options that you have include public transportation, rideshare, finding someone who goes to school at the same time as you or driving your own car. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay fees for some options or a car payment, gas, and insurance if you get your own car.

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