Create a Great Smile Using an Implant Dentist in Leesburg

They say a great smile begins at home, and this may be true when it comes to cleaning and other oral care, but a truly great smile actually begins with the help of an experienced dentist. Experience is the key to quality results, as well as quickly determining a problem and developing a solution. Consider the case of serious stains. There is more than one method of dealing with the situation, including dental whitening or the application of veneers. The same can be true when repairing caries (cavities), because the type of solution used may depend on the extent of the damage. One possibility is extraction and the use of implants.

An implant dentist in Leesburg uses surgical techniques to insert an inert material, such as titanium, into the jawbone. This creates a false anchor or stud to hold a crown in place. The design actually simulates a real tooth, since they also use a root for strength. The major difference is the fake root requires a hole to be placed in the jaw, while original teeth are grown in place. Inserting an anchor requires skill and enough bone to hold the root in place. This can be a real problem for people who use prosthetic devices, such as bridges or dentures, because they cause some loss of gum and bone tissue. The solution here is bone grafting. This is when small slices of bone tissue are placed over the thin areas and allowed to heal.

The purpose of an implant is to replace a missing tooth. This can stop teeth from shifting to fill in the missing space and improve the smile at the same time. However, the most important reason to consider an implant dentist in Leesburg is to enjoy foods that are difficult to eat with damaged teeth. This is partly because dental implants are very strong and less likely to break when biting into tough foods. In fact, the use of implants can help people with bridges or dentures by anchoring them in place. This may be required for folks that don’t like the smell or taste of dental adhesives but still want to avoid moving dentures.