Criminal Defense Lawyers Deserve Some Respect

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It is a common misconception that a criminal defense lawyer is not as good as their opposing counsel. Throughout history defense attorneys have been put down and considered to be the lowest of the low because they represent the accused. They are simply doing their jobs. There is a complete other side to the occupation of a defense attorney that goes unnoticed and has almost no accolades. They are the true legal warriors that protect the innocent and make sure the Constitution and judicial system is preserved during the process. If you find you need legal defense in the state of Illinois, there is a professional Chicago criminal defense lawyer ready to fairly defend you in a court of law.

Negative Public Opinion Could Not Be Further from the Truth

The problem with negative public opinion is that it could not be further from the truth when it comes to the justice system and criminal defense attorneys. A criminal defense attorney is punished by the masses simply for doing their job and defending people that have been accused of crimes that are heinous in the eye of the public. Couple this with the lack of understanding concerning how the judicial system works and there is a definite lack of compassion.

Defending the Liberty and Life of the Accused

Sometime people accused of a crime are considered to be guilty before their case is even heard. Regardless of guilt, it is your constitutional right to be represented in court. Of course the burden of proof is going to be very high in criminal cases, and the accused still deserve their day in court to prove their innocence. The freedom of a citizen is at stake and about to be stripped away with the help of the government and prosecutors that have resources that may be unlimited. A defense lawyer sees this type of legal situation and looks at it with a mentality that demands justice from a legal system that does not always work well for those charged with a criminal offense.

The Duty of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Men and women that are criminal defense attorneys understand that they are a safeguard put in place to protect the accused of mob justice and vigilantism. Not every case is clean, even the police make mistakes, and it is the defense attorney’s duty to make sure their clients are given a fair trial and not sentenced based on bad evidence, accusations that are vague, or due to a system that has failed them. Through the course of time defense attorneys have been able to expose flaws that are fraught in the legal system, fought cases that led to more fair police procedures, and made crime labs more competent concerning evidence they have provided.

Joseph H. Romano P.C is a Chicago criminal defense lawyer with many years of experience defending the public in a fair and just manner. When you need a defense attorney that is dedicated to ensuring your rights, contact his law office to speak with him about your case.

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