Dahlias: Beautiful Outdoor Bulbs

When you buy outdoor bulbs to plant in the fall, you are rewarded with gorgeous spring colors peeking out of the ground as soon as the weather starts to warm. What happens when those flowers, such as tulips, stop growing and you are left with bare stems? This is when it is beneficial to have spring bulbs planted because they will begin to flower soon after the tulips and other early spring flowers have gone away. One of the most popular choices is the dahlia because of its ease of care.


One thing many people love about dahlias is the fact they are inexpensive. This gorgeous tropical plant provides beautiful flowers of varying colors and sizes throughout the summer and fall. You can find them in a variety of sizes, including miniature, as well as large, some reaching as high as five feet tall and 12 inches in diameter.

A Different Bulb

The main difference between dahlia outdoor bulbs and others, such as tulips, is their shape. Sometimes dahlia bulbs are known as tubers because they resemble a tube. The stem of the flower sprouts directly from the tube you plant in the ground. The process of planting is the same, although it is important to ensure you dig a deep hole to provide plenty of room for the roots to establish and the stems to grow.


You will need areas with full sun and premium soil to ensure proper growth of your dahlias. If you choose to grow the larger versions, you should allow plenty of room for growth so the flowers are not crowded. If you do plant the larger versions, you should plan on staking the flowers to ensure they do not fall over when they reach their full potential.

The Fall

In the fall, or after the first frost, you will find your dahlias blackened and wilted. When this occurs, simply pull the tuber out of the ground, chop off the stems and allow it to dry in the sun. When they are properly stored in a cool, dry place, you can replant them next year for even more beautiful flowers.

Dahlias are one of the more popular outdoor bulbs because they are beautiful, as well as easy to plant. This plant provides beautiful rewards for little work, rewarding even the most novice gardeners with a beautiful landscape year after year.


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