Dealing With Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust In Minnesota

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Air Conditioning

Exhaust can be a big problem if it is not handled properly. These are the toxic fumes that are disposed of by pieces of equipment. This exhaust can choke people or cause serious damage to the body. These exhaust fumes are a big concern especially if you are working in an enclosed area that they are present, such as a kitchen. If you are in a kitchen and there is exhaust leaking into your work area then you are surely having a hard time keeping focus. Getting the right exhaust hood can help to prevent fumes from overpowering people in the kitchen. In addition to exhaust hoods there are also various fans that can be utilized as well. These hoods and fans need to be routinely cleaned by professionals, so it is important to have a good service available to help you with cleaning the ducts. One such company that deals with appliance services is Altemp Mechanical Inc.

They are located in Minnesota and have built a great reputation for themselves since 1994. They can help you not only with Minnesota restaurant kitchen exhaust, but with most of your HVAC needs as well. The process for cleaning a kitchen exhaust system can be a tedious one, and very dirty as well. This is one of the main reasons that it is better left to professionals. The entire hood or vent may need to be taken down and apart to get a true and thorough clean. The parts must all be scraped down and then washed clean with food safe caustic chemicals. Hot water pressure washing is also commonly used to clean the ventilation systems, so that it is easier to collect the dirty water that results from the cleaning.

Altemp Mechanical Inc will be able to help you with your kitchen exhaust needs as well as any air conditioning needs you may have as well. Having a single company that handles many issues like this is very convenient for customers. Without proper kitchen exhaust systems and maintenance of them, you could be putting your restaurant at risk of a health code violation. And without proper air conditioning you could be exposing people to weather extremes. Look around and you can find a company that will provide you with the quality appliance services you need.


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