Defense Options Your DWI Defense Attorney in Gonzales, LA May Use

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People may be resigned to losing their driver’s license and facing other penalties when they are pulled over for a DWI. They believe there is nothing they can do to fight these charges and they must simply accept the consequences of their actions. However, this is not the case. A person has the option of hiring a DWI defense attorney in Gonzales LA to mount a defense. Those who do so may find they can get the charges lowered or eliminated. What defenses may be used at this time?

The Arrest

Any time a person is pulled over by law enforcement, the officer handling the arrest must show that there was a legal justification for this stop. If this cannot be demonstrated, any evidence that was collected during the stop could be determined to be inadmissible. If a person believes they were stopped based solely on their race or ethnicity and nothing to do with their driving, the arrest may be challenged. Furthermore, if the arresting officer did not read the driver his or her Miranda rights, certain evidence may also be omitted.

The Testimony of the Officer

During the defendant’s court appearance, the arresting officer may be questioned. If any of his or her testimony is not completely accurate and this can be shown, a driver may find the charges are reduced or dropped. Any witnesses to the traffic stop will be of great help in proving the officer is not completely accurate or honest and a DWI defense attorney can help to locate and interview these witnesses. Furthermore, a person may find there are other factors that could have contributed to the behavior that led to the traffic stop, such as a lack of sleep or physical impairment. These can be brought up before the court.

Browse our website to learn about other DWI defense options. After doing so, request an appointment with a DWI defense attorney in Gonzales LA. Don’t simply assume that a guilty plea will be rendered, as there are cases where the individual can get these charges dropped or reduced. It never hurts to try. The consequences for a conviction are far-reaching and individuals need to realize this. Do everything possible to prevent this from happening. The right attorney can be of great help at this time, so make contact with one today.