Density and Softness in Foam Mattresses

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Most people who start out looking to buy foam mattresses think there is only one kind, and it is all about the brand they choose not the actual type of foam mattresses themselves. When they get to the store, the salesman spouts out a lot of terms they know nothing about, and they buy the one he or she suggests for them, paying whatever is asked of them. They then go home not really knowing what they bought or if it was actually the best decision they could have made. There are two very important ways to measure a quality foam mattress.

The first thing you need to know about to make an informed decision is density. Density is not, as some people think, the weight bearing capability of a mattress. Density is a good measure of the quality of memory foam mattresses. If the density of the foam mattresses at a store or on a website is less than three pounds, they are likely trying to pass off low quality product at high prices. Check the warranty. Often these lower density foam mattresses will have a warranty under 10 years, sometimes as few as five years. This is because a good quality foam mattress will last up to 15 years and sometimes longer, but a low quality one might not even make it to five.

If the foam mattresses you are looking at are over five pounds, you may be looking at out dated technology. When the technology was being designed and created, the scientist noticed the density to quality coloration and over compensated a little bit. These high density mattresses malfunction, are sensitive to temperature changes, and may not bounce back under weight as well as they are supposed to.

When you are worried about how comfortable or how much weight the mattress can hold, this is where softness and firmness come into play. However, you cannot just grab the same firmness you preferred in a metal coil mattress. Memory foam mattresses are on a different scale. They conform to your body at whatever firmness you prefer, but the support offered is different. Most manufacturers suggest a firmer mattress for those over 200 pounds or for those sleeping with a partner. The best idea, however, is to simply try them out. See which is most comfortable to you.