Dental care starts with the young

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Many parents are of the opinion that routine dental care of of little importance for their children while they still have their first teeth. After all, these teeth will be falling out so what does a small cavity mean anyway? There could be nothing further from the truth when it comes to life long dental care, it starts young and really never stops.

A family dental clinic in Mansfield Ohio will be the first to tell you that dental care has a great deal to do with good dental practice and hygiene, and it is a practice that must start young. Do not wait until your child has already developed bad habits, these are hard to break. Children learn very quickly and when they start going to the dentist early in their lives they quickly learn the best ways to clean and care for their teeth. As most pediatric dentists are very kind and have a wonderful demeanor, children who start their dental experiences early, rarely exhibit fear of the dentist as they age and need more complex treatments.

The pediatric dentist usually cleans a child’s teeth. Once the teeth have been cleaned properly the dentist can spend some time with the child, explaining the best way to brush and floss their teeth as well as their tongue. It is during these routine appointments that the child begins to build a trust with the dentist, a trust that will last through life.


X-Rays are an important component of a dental examination as the condition of the teeth below the gum line is not visible. Although the teeth may appear correct, it is important to know how many teeth have yet to cut through and whether there is sufficient room in the mouth to accommodate them. In some cases the teeth may be misaligned which may lead to orthodontic treatment in the future.

A dental clinic in Mansfield Ohio that performs family dentistry performs a full range of procedures on their young patients. Although the child may brush and floss as directed, there is still the possibility of a cavity which the dentist will attend to. If a tooth is severely decayed it will be extracted, although the dentist tries to avoid this wherever possible.

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