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Regular dental examinations are important to identify potential problems with your teeth, but are also necessary to check the status of tooth fillings and other dental restorative work. Fillings may last years, but will eventually need to be replaced to keep the tooth healthy and infection free. If fillings become lose, crack or wear away, bacteria can enter the soft tissue in the tooth and become abscessed. Learn more about dental fillings and when they should be replaced.

The Reason for Fillings

When decay is removed from a tooth, a filling is used to seal off the tooth and save it from further injury and damage. Fillings are made of several materials and all of them will eventually fail to protect your teeth. Your Carrier Dentistry Dentist Arlington TX examines your fillings to ensure they are intact. Chewing, teeth grinding and pressure applied to the affected teeth during speech can all impact the integrity of a filling. Chipped or broken fillings will allow bacteria to enter the tooth and cause infection or increase sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods and beverages.

In addition, your dentist may take X-rays to ensure that the fillings are intact and your teeth are protected. The dentist uses an instrument called an explorer to examine the edges of fillings and making sure they are sealed off. If the integrity has been broken, he may have to remove the filling and replace it with a new one.

Materials Used in Fillings

Modern dental technology includes fillings that will match the color of your teeth. In the past, metal or silver colored materials used in large cavities may have darkened the look of natural teeth. Your Carrier Dentistry Dentist Arlington TX can provide several different materials that maintain the natural white color of your tooth.

Glass ionomers contain fluoride releasing properties that can not only help your teeth grow stronger but match the color of your teeth. Amalgam is made of silver, copper, tin and mercury. Composite fillings are a mixture of acrylic resin and powdered glass materials. Used in small to medium sized cavities, this tooth colored material is durable and fracture resistant.

Protect Your Teeth

Ensure your teeth are protected and have regular checkups by your dentist. Report any tooth or gum pain immediately to your dentist. Prevent the expense and discomfort of putting off a visit and care for your teeth. Visit for more information.


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